A pillow is a very personal thing. It is not just the down pillow that frames our pillowcases and helps us make a pretty bed; it is something on which we lay our head every night, the place where we rest, the one place in our home where we can truly relax. The fact that pillows are personal can be easily seen in the way people become attached to their own pillow - that perfectly filled pillow that is shaped perfectly just for them. Of course initially finding that perfect pillow may take some work; Versai’s Pillows collection can help make it easy.

When it comes to choosing a pillow we all have our personal preference. Some may prefer the extra support and fluffiness of the ultra down pillow, some the support of a thinner or medium pillow. No matter what your preference, however, you are sure to find what you’re looking for here at Versai. We specialize in luxury - from our fine linens to our comforters and pillows; we understand that every detail adds to your experience and so we are unwavering in our attention to those details. We can even make custom filled comforters and pillows in any size or shape in a matter of days made specially for you.

Choose from among our variety of pillows including our Princess Alexis down pillow made from the highest quality Siberian white goose down and 100% Egyptian cotton; our Sweet Dreams down pillow collection made from Hungarian hand gathered large cluster white goose down and highest quality 100% Egyptian cotton ticking and available in standard, queen and king; and our Ultra Down pillow collection for medium support also made from highest quality Hungarian white goose down and available in three sizes.

No matter what pillow collection from which you choose, however, you will undoubtedly find your perfect pillow from among our selection. At Versai we are absolutely steadfast on maintaining our high quality standards and the reputation we have built as a result. We are as equally committed to the experience that you have with us as we are about the linens that we carry; we expect and deliver superiority across the board and we look forward to helping you find the pillows, sheets, table coverings and other fine linens that will fit perfectly in your home.