As its name suggests, the comforter is more than about style; it’s about comfort - about setting the stage for deep relaxation. If you can’t be at your most comfortable in your own bed than where can you be comfortable? The Versai collection of Comforters - from our down comforter to organic comforters - is all about finding the perfect balance between superior beauty and luxurious comfort. We are confident that you will be impressed with our ability to seamlessly intertwine the two in our comforter collection below.

From our luxury hotel comforters to our Siberian and Hungarian down comforters, our comforter collection makes it easy to find the perfect accompaniment for any bed in your home. When it comes to choosing a comforter there are obviously several factors involved. First and foremost, you want your comforter to feel like sleeping in a cloud, luxurious feel which inspires you to curl up and read a book or have a cozy night’s sleep. It is also important, however, that the comforter that you choose not only looks great but be functional - hence baffle box construction and super tight high thread count ticking so the down doesn't shift or leak; the comforter of highest quality down and highest fill power (amount of volume a given number of ounces can fill). At Versai we use the highest fill power down in the highest thread count shells.

At Versai we have covered all the bases so to speak. Ours is a business built on the highest quality standards and those standards are reflected in all the linens that we make available to our customers. Our comforter collection reflects these standards as well - from the down comforter available in a variety of styles and weights to our organic comforters that are made with absolutely no chemicals.

It is our desire that Versai be the company to which you turn for all your fine linens - from your bedroom to your table linens. Our quality is always consistent and you can count on us to help you transform your home into something that is both luxurious and comfortable. When it comes to choosing comforters you can have the confidence in knowing that you are dealing with professionals who care about quality and care about the relationships they build with their customers.